Hoof and Hound; Is it DOGgone-good?

By: Ashlee Gainey

Hoof and Hound is a newly opened Americana restaurant located in Downtown Hartsville. Their hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 11AM-2PM then they reopen from 4PM-10PM. The menu does not change from lunch to dinner during the two hour closing period. 

The restaurant has a very casual atmosphere with a modern diner vibe. This would be a great place to hang out with friends, or have a business meeting. 

As far as food goes, I ordered the special for the night which was a chicken salad wrap with grapes.  However, my waitress told me while ordering that they were out of grapes. This was $10 and I paid an additional $2 to substitute my fries for sweet potato fries. For portion size, this was a fair price to me. 

The food came out moderately quick and I was satisfied with the service, however, the wrap was bland. Since there were no grapes, it was only chicken salad and spinach wrapped up in a tortilla. The taste would improve greatly if you could substitute your bread option for a sun-dried tomato wrap, and if there were grapes added. 

The sweet potato fries somewhat made up for the tasteless wrap. They were delicious! It is completely worth having to splurge an extra $2 to add these onto your entree. 

When the waitress came back to check on us, she asked if my table needed any sauce, and we asked for some ranch for the original fries. She brought back ranch and charged us an extra .35 cent for “extra sauce” however, it was the only sauce we received the whole visit. 

Again, the service was great. The restaurant was very sanitary, and I also liked the fact that all the workers had on matching Hoof and Hound shirts. Nevertheless, the chicken salad wrap could be improved. I give this newly opened Downtown Hartsville restaurant a 6 out of 10 .

Hoof and Hound; Is it DOGgone-good?

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