Seniors beyond the classroom

By: Ashlee Gainey

On February 20, Hartsville High School seniors had the opportunity to job shadow at the business of their choice. Many students took advantage of this opportunity by taking the day to shadow a friend or relative. Students were excused from school as long as they job shadowed for a full work day, and filled out the shadow sheet given to them by Mrs. Orlowski.

Madison White shadowed a family friend at McLeod Regional Hospital. White spent the day in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU.) While job shadowing, she got the full experience of getting to witness newborn baby procedures. 

“I want to work in labor and delivery but the NICU is similar.” White said.

White explained that the shadowing experience almost felt like a real job because she was required to buy scrubs, get a flu shot, and take a TB test the week before going to McLeod.

Madison White in her scrubs and McLeod name tag. Photo was taken before entering McLeod Health. Photo provided by Madison White.

White enjoyed the job shadowing experience because she believes it helped her confirm her love for work in the nursing field. Even though White was not allowed to perform any procedures on the babies, she still learned a lot such as how to insert IV’S properly. 

Preston Duffee also took advantage of job shadowing for the day. Duffee spent the day at Bishopville Primary School with his mom who is a 5K teacher. 

Duffee with the kids at Bishopville Primary School . Photo provided by Preston Duffee.

Duffee helped the 17 kids in the class with their math and reading lessons, but playtime was the best part of the day by far. 

“I always hear my mom talk about how her students brighten her day so I wanted to get a feel of the classroom for the day.” 

As a senior, Duffee has the privilege of early dismissal and says he’s planning to use his early dismissal time to visit the kids again. 

Juniors will had the same opportunity to job shadow on February 28th.

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