2020 Yearbook Changes

By: Abby Broach

This year, our school is making many great changes to our yearbook. Students love collecting their yearbooks each year, and they like them even more when they have a cool design on the cover with many pictures and pages to look through.

I interviewed Amelia Harless who is one of our HHS yearbook editors. The first question I asked her was how the yearbook has changed since last year. 
“This year, the yearbook has changed because it is more organized, and the staff is much more complex. Everyone has a role.” Amelia said. 

Another question I asked her was “What the price of this year’s yearbook was.” More students will buy yearbooks if they are more affordable.
“$65 without a name stamp and $70 with a name stamp.” Amelia said. 

Everyone enjoys looking through the yearbooks at their pictures, quotes, sports, etc. So, I asked Amelia “What is something new that will be included in our yearbook this year.”
“This year, there will be more pages, a very cool cover, and this school year’s spring sports will also be included.” Amelia said. 

When I asked her if she had anything that she would like to add, she seemed to have a positive outlook for this yearbook based off of her answer. 

“This yearbook will be really good, Mr. Nelson has done a great job.” 

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