Thanksgiving Traditions

By: Sierra Gainey

Thanksgiving is always a great time to bring the family together. There are many different traditions, from eating dinner together to going on road trips. What are some of the HHS students’ Thanksgiving traditions?

Sophomore, Gavin Wilks, has a very family oriented Thanksgiving Tradition. He and his family have a big feast and afterwards have a bonfire. At the bonfire they take turns saying what they are thankful for.

“Everyone brings a different dish so that we have a large variety.” Gavin Wilks says.

Many people have traditions like Wilks does. In fact, in 2015 there was about $1.05 billion spent on turkeys for Thanksgiving. Wilk’s family’s favorite side is mac and cheese.

“My family’s favorite dish to eat is probably macaroni and cheese.”

Coker Howle, Freshman at HHS, also does very family-based activities on Thanksgiving. Howle’s family eats Thanksgiving dinner and always watches football on Thanksgiving day.

“We usually invite family over and watch football.” Coker Howel says.

Watching Football on Thanksgiving has actually been going on since the 19th century. Coker Howle and his family have had this tradition for as long as he can remember.

“Last year all we did was eat and watch football, like every year.” Coker Howle says.

Not surprisingly, Michael Mixon also spends time with his family and eats on Thanksgiving day. Mixon is a junior a Hartsville high. He reports that favorite food to eat is turkey legs.

“On Thanksgiving I go to my Aunt’s house and eat Thanksgiving dinner.” Michael Mixon says.

As you can tell, HHS students all have Thanksgiving traditions of eating with their family. Only 11 days until until Thanksgiving break Hartsville High!

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