The End of The F***ing World Season Two

By Nick Smith

The End of The F***ing World was released on October 24 of 2017, and was given critical acclaim, given 8/10’s on websites such as IMDB.

The show follows James (a psychopath who wants to have a “bigger” kill than small animals) and Alyssa, two social outcast with bad attitudes who want to go against the happy go lucky norm of their town.

As the show goes on, they decide to run away from their town so they can leave the world that they’re so tired of. As they’re running, they decide to stay at an abandoned house for a couple of days, but one day as they’re hiding out, the owner of the home (a revealed kidnapper) comes home.

The man finds Alyssa sleeping in her bed, and he grabs her arm and begins to hold her down when James rolls out from the bed and stabs him, and the rest of the season follows their running from the police.

Season two picks up directly where the show left off, introducing a new character Bonnie, the man’s ex girlfriend.

The show’s second season is just as intense as the first season, leaving you with your jaw on the floor as many times as the first.

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