A Retrospective Glance into the Yearbook

by: Ty Smith

You can purchase a yearbook for $80. You can pay at school by bringing cash to room 402, but you can also purchase one online at http://jostensyearbooks.com. Once you arrive, there will be the option to add Hartsville High School as your school, and then you will be able to order your yearbook like normal including any desired personalizations.

But why should you buy a yearbook? In response to emailed questions, Sidney Easters, business manager of the yearbook, explains that “buying a year book this year is extremely important. We hope to include all of our unique circumstances at school into this yearbook. Looking back at this yearbook years after it was published, will remind us of what we had to go through during the 2020-2021 school (Corona) year.”

If you are a senior, you should have received a letter in your advisory and in the mail containing instructions about purchasing a senior ad. Buying a senior ad is a lot like the yearbook in that the price increases by after October 30th.

Sidney Easters job as business manager is to monitor all the monetary aspects of the yearbook, which includes: selling ads to businesses, seniors, and yearbooks to the student body. She loves taking pictures for spreads, figuring out the best way to place them, and seeing them “come to life”.

If a student has any more questions about the yearbook and how you can purchase one, you can contact her at smeasters321@dcsdschools.org, as well as Mr. Nelson at matthew.nelson@darlington.k12.sc.us.

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