Netflix’s “Grand Army”

By: Laila Cooper

Grand Army is a Netflix Original show that just premiered on October 16, 2020. It relates to high schoolers everyday experience in life, and was also based on Cappiello’s play. There are five major characters in this series that struggle with sexual, racial and economic politics and fight to succeed and become somebody. The series takes place at a public school in Brooklyn, New York.

In my opinion, Grand Army can relate to many people’s lives. I also feel as if some of the things spoken about in this series is not touched on in school because of how graphic society makes it out to be. However, these things should be discussed because as a high schooler things happen so fast and we have no outlook or experience with them cause it was never a conversation.

HHS Student POV

I interview Devonte Hough, a senior from our school, who has watched this show. Here is what he had to say.

How did the characters’ stories touch you or make you feel?

Devonte: “The characters who gave me the most emotion was Owen and Maliq, it made me feel enraged.”

How did the character’s tragic experience relate to you?

Devonte: “They’re story related to me because I was also kicked out of school like them. I feel like some school situations that are small become a major problem really fast and stops a lot of us from reaching our success or potential.”

Would you recommend this show to high-schoolers at HHS? If yes, why?

Devonte: “Yes, because this was premiered in 2020 so this pertains to our generation right now. I feel as if anyone could relate or understand these situations, and this could at least give them an insight on how to work or mend these everyday experiences.”

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