Beta Club: Vice President’s Perspective on the New Year

By: India Johnson

One of the special guests this week is Audrey Schroeder, a member of the Beta Club. This is her second year as a Beta officer as last year she was a treasurer. This year she is a senior and also a member of the National Honors Society (NHS), Anchor, and Key Club.

Ms. Schroeder what position do you hold as a member of the National Beta Club this year?

 ” This year, I am the Vice President of our Beta Club.” 

Given the difficult time that we’re in, how are meetings scheduled due to the new hybrid schedule, and what safety precautions are members taking during meetings? 

“Beta Club Officers meet with Mrs. P about once a week in her room, because there are only five of us so we can spread out and social distance. For club meetings with everyone, the officers help record a presentation with all the important information during meetings and Mrs. P plays the presentation during Zoom meetings. She also goes over any additional information as well as answering any questions. The Zoom meetings are set up at different times usually on Friday afternoons by grade level because we have so many Beta members this year and it would be nearly impossible to meet in person. The meetings are then posted on Schoology for anyone unable to attend.”

What type of service projects are Beta students working on this month? 

“ Right now we are working on a 30 Days of Giving project where different grade levels donate different items that will be donated to people for Thanksgiving, we are helping with the Cemetery Cleanup on Marion Avenue, we are getting ready for our blood drive on November 9th and 10th, and prepping for the virtual State Convention that will be in February.”

 Lastly, do you think being a member of the Beta Club prepares students for life after high school? If so, how? 

“I think being a Beta member can help prepare students for life after high school in multiple ways. Because we do so many different projects, it helps students learn how to manage their free time and possibly help them to discover new service activities they enjoy doing. When we prepare for conventions it takes a lot of teamwork and collaboration, which can be helpful skills for students to have after high school. I have found that being an officer has helped me learn how to better plan and organize events, because a lot of what we help Mrs. P do is get ready for different projects by planning or organizing, spreading the word about projects, and then participating in the projects.”

If you are interested in more information on Beta Club, contact one of the officers or Mrs. Pietrzak for more information.

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