Venom; A Review

By: Nathan Tolson

“Venom” is a superhero movie released in 2018 by Marvel and Sony Pictures. It is based around the character Eddie Brock, a journalist, who becomes exposed to some sort of alien symbiote brought to Earth by the Life Foundation, led by an evil CEO, Carlton Drake, who wants to make humans liveable in space.

Venom’s plot is very enjoyable, especially for someone like me who’s an enormous Marvel fan. The film is exceptionally action packed, with lots of fight scenes involving Brock and Drake. Watching Eddie and Venom bond over time is very satisfying as well; they kept me interested in what was going on. In the past few years, Venom has become one of my favorite superhero movies. 

Overall, I would recommend you to watch Venom if you have not already viewed the film. I would rate it a solid eight out of ten for its action, plot, and visual effects.

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