What is the IB Program?

By: Ty’Kuan Smith

Here at Hartsville High, we have a IB program and we are encouraging eligible grade students to apply to it. IB will help you get prepare for classes you would see in your freshman year of college and the rigorous workload you will experience once you enroll. There are two types of IB students: A IB diploma student (a student who is taking six or more courses) or a IB course student (a student who is taking 1 to 5 IB courses).

Ms. Alvarez, the IB coordinator, was able to give us a list of benefits that come from being a IB student.

  • Small class sizes.  (The largest class has 15 students.)
  • Four years of a world language. 
  • New courses added every few years.  We just added one new course this year (IB Environmental Systems and Societies), and we are adding a new course next year (IB Dance) and the year after (IB Chinese).
  • Rigorous curriculum.  Students in the IB Program can compete with other students around the world.
  • More prepared for college.  76% of IB students finish college in four years or less.
  • graded two ways.  You just don’t take an exam in an IB course.  So, you don’t have to be a good test taker to do well. 

To apply for the IB program a student must have decent test scores, two strong teacher recommendations, good grades, and a well-written essay. But the main thing that Ms. Alvarez looks for in a student, is the eagerness and willingness to learn. Being a IB student means that you’re willing to accept challenges. Ms. Alvarez explains that “no one is born mediocre. IB will give students a challenge to be a better person and a better student.”

If you need more information about the IB program, you can contact Ms. Alvarez via email at paula.alvarez@darlington.k12.sc.us.

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