10 Things To Be Grateful For During A Pandemic

By: Nathan Tolson

  1. Friends – Friends help us deal with stress, make better choices in school and in life, and friends create a sense of belonging that’s essential to having an enjoyable life. They also keep us sane during these crazy times.
  2. Pets – Pets keep us calm, help us deal with stress, take our minds off of reality, and are great companions during stressful times. I have personally enjoyed having my pets at my side during this pandemic and am thankful for them being there for me.
  3. Fresh air – It is sometimes hard to stay grounded, but getting a breath of fresh air once in a while helps to stay sane. Many do not have fresh air, so it’s important to appreciate the fresh air and its calming abilities.
  4. Personal time – You have probably had a lot of time alone during quarantine and during the pandemic in general. Having alone time can be very calming.
  5. Food – It may sound silly, but many people have gone without or with very little food during this pandemic. Being thankful for the food you have is important.
  6. Online school – For many, online school is easier, safer, less stressful, and much more when compared to in person school.
  7. Family – Lots of us live with our parents, grandparents, or other members of our family. Many have shown their love and support, so it is important to be thankful for them during this pandemic.
  8. Connectivity – Staying in connection with our friends and family during this pandemic has been pretty easy. That is mainly because of the advancements we have made in technology over the years.
  9. Shelter – Many do not have the privilege in having a roof over their head and comfortable bed to sleep in. It’s important to grateful for what you have and not be jealous of the things you don’t have.
  10. Frontline Healthcare workers – Our Healthcare workers are putting their safety on the line every day to care for total strangers.

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