Console Wars

by: Ty Smith

With the PS5 and the XBOX Series X being released nearly a month ago, I thought now would be a good time to voice my opinion this battle and who I think will win this generation.


Next generation technology in simplest words is fast. From the load time in games to the download speed, both consoles have greatly benefitted from this technology. The specs were released for both consoles prior to its release and XBOX has a sizable lead in that department. My question is how much does that matter? My opinion is if you truly care about specs that much, why not just play on PC which has always been heads and shoulders above consoles.

So who do I think will ultimately win this console war? It’s way too early to call but the safest bet would be Playstation. Sony simply has the internet and content creators on their side, and content creators make or break games nowadays.

Honestly, I don’t think the consoles are that far apart performance wise, but marketing wise XBOX is going out sad. Sony is a Japanese company so it makes sense that they would control international markets. However, XBOX is created by Microsoft, a company that was established and built in North America. It’s even more remarkable that XBOX has a lower price point (XBOX Series S is $299 while PS5 digital is $399) and is failing to capitalize on it.

Remember, we are only a month or so into the next generation launch, and they are bound to get better. I believe that Playstation will win this generation, but at the end of the day they are similar consoles. My advice when picking a console, is to chose the one that your friends are on.

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