Fishing: A Retrospective

By John Alexander

Fishing, it originated as a way to get food. Fishing has come a long way compared to what it used to be back in the day. Today we know fishing as a way to get food but also as a way to compete in tournaments against some of the top fishermen in the world for money. All in all, it is a guaranteed great time to call up your buddies and head out for a fishing trip on just about any day.

Fishing lures have also changed tremendously, back then the only thing they used was live bait. Today we use artificial lures such as worms, frogs, small fish such as minnows, and even really weird things such as dragonflies and silver spoons, literally! Artificial lures make the game of fishing way more challenging, they make you have to work for the fish. It is way more fun fishing with artificial bait because the bite catches you off guard and you know that you did something right to get that bite because artificial bait takes skill to have the right movements. At the end of the day, you should get out and have a blast with your friends at your local pond or lake.

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