The Deshaun Watson Trade Rumors

By Sams Guttry

This next NFL offseason is set to be very exciting for avid fans. This offseason will be full of new free agents and cap issues as the New Orleans Saints are nearly down 100 million dollars in cap space. The most interesting of all of these, however, is Pro Bowl Quarterback and Clemson alumni, Deshaun Watson trade rumors. Watson has been quite open about his displeasure with the recent front office mishaps within the Houston Texans. The organization has been so bad that his teammate J.J. Watt even apologized for wasting his career. Watt is quoted as saying, “I’m sorry. We wasted one of your years. I mean, we should have 11 wins.”

Last month, Watson officially requested a trade from the Texans and the deals from other teams are pouring in. Teams from all over the NFL are interested in Watson with the most notable being from the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, and even the Carolina Panthers are making a big push. The Jets have recently hired a new coach and so Deshaun’s new number one option is the Jets.

The sad truth however, is that the Texans have come out and publicly announced that they have no intention of trading their star player. This comes as a surprise as the Texans have made many horrible moves like trading their best offensive player at the time for a washed up running back and overpaying a horrible quarterback. They have also signed Watson to a huge four year contract which could result in Watson refusing to play unless traded. Only time will tell how the star Clemson alumni will react to this, but the one thing we know for sure is that he definitely wants out.

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