Super Bowl 55 Halftime Performance

By Diamond Dolford

The Weeknd performed at halftime for the superbowl this year and fans were a bit caught off guard. He performed some of his most notable songs such as “Starboy”, “The Hills”, “Save Your Tears”, and “Earned It” to name a few. What caught most people’s eye was the attention to detail with the background. It went from LasVegas galore to the opening of stands, which sat people dressed in futuristic masks. The Weeknd then takes us back into the stands giving us some first person angles of him walking around while he sang “Can’t Feel My Face,” after a while he had some look-alikes join him in the room seemingly disorientated. He exits from there and stands on stage with a firework show happening in the distance behind him. He then wrapped up his performance on the football field with his look-alikes as he sang “Blinding Lights”; I have to say, this may have been my favorite part of the show.
Fans took to Twitter with lots to say. “A KING👏🏼 👑. Congrats @theweeknd hands down, best. Halftime. Show. Ever.”- Rachael Purvis (@Rachael_px). “The Weeknd a 🐐 no cap” — XXL Magazine (@XXL). “The marching red army is a little off putting but Abel looks like he’s having a blast, so I’m happy for the man.” — Josh Eberley🇨🇦 (@JoshEberley). I think the diversity really set this halftime show in motion and it’ll most definitely be one to remember.

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