Aquaman (2018 film) Review

By Nathan Tolson

Recently, I watched the DC movie, Aquaman, made by Warner Bros. Aquaman takes place at a time where the city of Atlantis has sunken underwater. Atlantis is ruled by a power obsessive king named King Orm. King Orm’s only mission is to take over the rest of the ocean people existing after Atlantis has sunken. The only person that can stop Orm is Aquaman who is half mortal, half heir to the throne of Atlantis. Aquaman sets out on a quest to find an ancient trident that will help him take King Orm’s spot as rightful heir to the throne.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, with it’s well timed humor, action, and great storyline. It doesn’t seem that I was the only audience member that also enjoyed Aquaman as 88% of Google users said they enjoyed it as well. This is a high rating for a movie which makes Aquaman even more appealing to watch.

If you love a good superhero story, Aquaman is definitely worth checking out.

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