Music Review: Thriller by Michael Jackson

By Connor Newsome

Thriller was Michael Jackson’s sixth solo studio album. The album was released
back on November 30th of 1982. This album went towards a new musical direction for
Jackson with this album having incorporations of pop, rock, post-disco, and funk. This
album was Jackson’s first ever album to go number one on the charts and it also holds
a record for staying at the top of the charts for the longest time ever, standing at 37
weeks. Some musicians featured on this album are Paul McCartney, which was the first
time Michael Jackson had ever released a song with another musician, and the album
also features Eddie Van Halen in the song “Beat It” where Eddie plays the guitar solo.
By the end of 1983 Thriller had sold 32 million copies making it the best-selling album
ever. As of today Thriller remains the most selling album in history with over 66 million
copies sold.

In my opinion I do think that this was a highly influential album, but I don’t see
how this album did so well over a lot of other albums released. Some of my favorite
songs off of this album include “Thriller”, “Beat It”, and “The Girl is Mine.”

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