Minecraft: A Review

By Nathan Tolson

After nearly 7 years of playing Minecraft, I think it’s time for me to review it. Minecraft was was originally released on November 11, 2011 and it was a success. Minecraft’s main mechanic that made it so popular in the beginning of its release and even now, is the ability to allow players to use building blocks to create anything they want. Players were given creative freedom to do whatever they wanted which might have been something players didn’t have elsewhere. This is what drew me to Minecraft and it is probably what drew you to it as well.

Minecraft has two main modes, survival and creative. In survival, you are able to survive and fight monsters that are out to get you during the night. In creative, you can build anything you imagine. In my opinion, survival is the most enjoyable game mode because of the different ways you can fight monsters and the challenges given to you. All in all, Minecraft is a wonderful and interesting game that many people like. Minecraft has sold over 200 million copies!

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