The Social Network – A Review

By Chandler Greene

My favorite movie is The Social Network. This movie is about Mark Zuckerberg as he goes
through the stages of creating the biggest social platform to ever be made, Facebook. It starts
off as him being practically a nobody enrolled at Harvard University. He starts a website that
gains lots of traction from the Harvard students, but gets taken down because it was
inappropriate and sexist. He is then approached by the Winklevoss twins who want him to help
create Facebook. Mark agrees, but abandons them and steals the idea. This is how Facebook
was created. This movie is amazing because it gets into all the details of a story that most
people do not know of. Jesse Eisenberg was a great Mark Zuckerberg, and the acting overall
was fantastic, I love every aspect to this movie. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone
who wants a good watch.

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