Top 10 Places I’ve Been

By Bonnie Adams

  1. Disney World: Disney World is my favorite place ever. I feel at home when I go and love looking back on all the memories I have while there. Disney World is always changing so there are always new things to look forward to.
  2. Washington D.C. : My eighth grade field trip to D.C. was my favorite field trip I’ve ever had. I fell completely in love with the city and plan to move to D.C. when I graduate college. 
  3. Charlotte, NC: Charlotte is so lovely all time of year and has such a great atmosphere. My favorite restaurant ever, Amelie’s, is in Charlotte and every time I visit the city I must make a stop. 
  4. Beaufort, SC: MOst of my family, both on my mom’s and dad’s side, live in Beaufort. I love to visit to go see family and go to the beach. Beaufort is like my second home and I am there every spare chance I get. 
  5. Atlanta, GA: Atlanta is such a beautiful city with endless things to do. We met my family in Atlanta for thanksgiving one year and it is my favorite thanksgiving I’ve ever had. 
  6. Nashville, TN: I went to camp for a week in Nashville. I was able to explore the city a bit and see the extravagant nightlife. There was live music on every street corner.
  7. Universal Studios: I was able to go to Universal with my best friend and the week almost seems like a dream. Every moment was absolutely perfect and I even got to see Macklemore in concert. 
  8. Gatlinburg, TN: We took a family vacation to Gatlinburg and it was one to never forget. We went ziplining in the mountains and the views were spectacular. We rented a secluded cabin and it was a lovely escape from the real world. 
  9. Niagara Falls: I went to Niagara Falls when i was little and can not remember everything which is why it is lower on my list. One thing I will never forget is the rushin sound of over thousands of water rushing over the cliff. 
  10. Columbia, SC: I was running out of cool places I have been which is why Columbia is on the list. When I think of Columbia I think of visiting my aunt and uncle and their cute beautiful poodle. I also love going to California Dreamin and going to a Carolina game.

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