Top 10 Things to do at School

By Diamond Dolford

  1. Walking Around Campus– I often find myself wanting to run errands for teachers or find a way to get out of class. Even though walking makes me tired, it’s better than sitting in class for a hour and a half.
  2. Hanging Out with Mrs.Zemp– Hands down one of the coolest teachers. She gets along with everyone and she brings her students food. Even though I’ve never had her as a teacher, I enjoy going to her classroom just to chat.
  3. Joining Journalism– This is one of the best classes I’ve ever had. Not only does it enhance your skills in filming, interviewing, and editing, but it gives you the opportunity to be the voice of your school.
  4. Having Gym- This class made my freshman year so much fun. Whenever I was having a bad day, going to the gym made it alot better. So many fun activities!
  5. Talking with Friends– If you got some, this is ideal. Talking with your friends can always make your day a little bit better.
  6. Going to Lunch- Who doesn’t like a good meal? Don’t like what they have for lunch, bring a dollar and go to the school store. Don’t like what’s in the school store, get something out the vending machines…better hope it doesn’t steal your money.
  7. Being in Advisory- Who doesn’t like hanging with the same fun crowd everyday. My advisory is quite fun and our teacher is the best! Yay for Mrs.Gedris!!
  8. Waiting for 3:25– You know what time that is! Everyone’s favorite time of the day, when we get to go home.
  9. Class Change– Don’t know why but these 5 minutes feel like the freedom of a lifetime. It is like a jungle out there though so be careful!
  10. Not Being Here– Why wouldn’t this be the best thing ever?! If you’re not here, you’re most likely having the best time ever. Lucky you, I’m jealous.

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