Hoof and Hound Review

By Emily Morrison

There are many restaurants in Hartsville that serve delicious food. One of my favorite restaurants in town is Hoof and Hound.

Hoof and Hound is a family friendly restaurant that also includes a bar for adults. Apart from most restaurants, Hoof and Hound does a great job separating the bar from the dining area. This allows for two different atmospheres that satisfies the majority of customers.

Many customers enjoy Hoof and Hound for the atmosphere it provides. Personally, I would describe the interior of Hoof and Hound as rustic, midwestern. Not only does the decorations represent this description but the food does as well.

Many customers who have dined inside of Hoof and Hound have been pleased with the food and service. While some may believe the food is overpriced others believe it is worth the money. Here are a few high rating reviews and low rating reviews that were made by customers who have been to Hoof and Hound.

“We went here for lunch today while in town to visit some family and sat at the bar. Everything was amazing! Well priced. The bartender was attentive. Food was yummy and came out timely.” – Life with Courtney Lorraine

“A good time, friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere. Food was great but a little overpriced and it can get pretty loud.” -Charles Hall

Hoof and Hound as an overall rating of 4.4 stars. Personally, I would give Hoof and Hound a 4 star rating. Everytime I have been I have gotten something new and I enjoyed the food each time. However, I do wish that there was more space in Hoof and Hound. Other than this small issue, I would definitely recommend dining at Hoof and Hound if you live in Hartsville or are visiting our city.

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