Summer Guide to Hartsville – Chandler Greene

Even though Hartsville is a small town, there are lots of fun things to do in Hartsville. My summer days are never boring, as they are filled with lake days, pool days, or just having fun with friends. I have lots of knowledge about fun things to do here, and I am ready to share it. 

To start off with a bang, we have the most popular summer spot in Hartsville, Prestwood Lake. I personally live on the lake, and I have lots of fun with friends and family. My favorite thing to do is get on a boat and chill or fish but there is lots of other things to do. 

Another fun thing to do in Hartsville is go to Neptune Island Waterpark. I worked here last summer, and the slides here are awesome and there is nothing better than getting a few friends together and coming here for the day. The food here is also amazing so you never have to leave. 

Whenever you get hungry, and feel like getting something quick, you can go to Hartsville’s local Sonic and grab some food. There is always friends here, so you always have fun when you come here. Sonic might just be my favorite place to eat in Hartsville. 

If you feel like playing a game of football or soccer, you can go to Byerly Park. There are many fields here so you can basically play any sport you want. Plus, if you get too hot, Neptune Island is right next to it so you can go and cool off. 

If you are like me, you love nature and going on walks, Kalmia is the perfect place for this. There are lots of walking trails and places to sit. This place is beautiful and I love going there. 

Another one of my favorites is going to Prestwood Country Club. There is a pool here, a playground, and a building you can rent out for weddings, etc. This is one of the best places to cool down and I have great memories here.

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