Things to Do in Hartsville During the Summer – Mac Liddle

During the summer there are a number of places to visit and have fun in Hartsville. In such a small town you can have many days planned out with stuff to do. These places can be water related, sports related and history related as well.

Water places to go in Hartsville consist of Neptune Island, Prestwood Pool and Lakeview Pool. Prestwood and Lakeview are decent sized pools where you can spend time with many friends enjoying the sun and soaking up the water. Neptune Island is a waterpark that consists of many different slides and pools.

Neptunes biggest waterslide is the Poseidon’s Fury which drops you from a high ledge and slides you far down. Which can help you to go very fast and have a true thrill. There is also a racing slide which allows you to race 3 other people in a long downward slide.

Alongside the slides there is also a very lengthy lazy river and a wave pool which simulates real beach waves. The waterpark also has an assortment of food as well to satisfy you while you enjoy your time there. Neptune truly shows to be a great place to spend time during the summer.

Numerous recreational activities take place at Byerly Park during the whole year and they are especially fun during the warm summer months. These can consist of pick up football, basketball, baseball, and soccer games. You could also even have a summer workout at the track or at the many pullup bars located around Byerly Park. 

A historical and early part of Hartsville is the botanical garden, Kalmia Gardens. These large gardens are free of admission to everyone and are truly beautiful to see. They have maps once you show up at the entrance to guide you through the gardens. Then you are led through much plant life and lively nature. 

All of these places to visit in Hartsville during the summer are only a couple. In the small town there are still many more places to visit and enjoy your summer at. Which helps Hartsville to have an overall amazing summer guide.

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