A Review of Overlord by Mac Liddle

My favorite zombie movie is “Overlord”, which is a zombie horror movie that takes place during WWII in Nazi Germany. The movie was made in 2018 and is 81% rotten tomatoes. It is also almost 2 hours long of action and is rated R for its intense content.

The main character is a newly drafted person into the US Army known as Private Boyce. He begins the movie as a paratrooper dropping into Nazi terriory where he soon begins to discover secret Nazi experiments as time goes by. These discoveries feed into the plot and create more action, horror and suspense.

Shortly after Private Boyce and his platoon led by Corporal Ford are on foot after falling in from the sky, they find a young woman walking through a forest. They try to catch her as she runs away from them but they end up trapping her and questioning her about the Nazi plans and any information they can get. She feels hostility from them but then Boyce reveals he can speak German and the soldiers gain Chloe’s trust.

With the platoon able to have a place to hunker down at Chloe’s house in the middle of a lot of Nazi’s and even a important general, they try to find out as much as they can to aid their mission to destroy a radio transmitter in a church. A Nazi general named Captain Wafner visits Chloe commonly to try and seduce her. Although when he tries to visit her while the platoon is occupied in the house, they capture him.

Now that the platoon has Captain Wafner they try and figure out more information to complete their assigned mission. However when one of the soldiers, Private Chase, becomes careless near an unconscious Captain Wafner while examining him. He jumps up and attempts to grab his gun and when he gets it he shoots all over the place and into Private Chase. With Chase badly shot he bleeds away and dies with everyone around him.

Everyone mourns his death althougth Boyce grabs a needle with a orange liquid inside it that he found from a Nazi that was inside Chloes house. He then injects Chase with the substance without question and he instantly jumps right up. With everyone horrified Chase begins to attack the platoon and cause danger to everyone and with a whole magazine from Corporal Ford’s gun shot into Chase, he dies. Although after a few seconds he gets up and charges towards Ford, but then Boyce hits him in the back of the head and begins a second attempt to put him down. 

This causes the whole platoon and Chloe to be very confused and scared. They ask Wafner what that was and he explains them thats what is being developed by Nazi scientists at a nearby base. All of a sudden a group of Nazi soldiers come into the house and they take Chloe’s younger brother, Paul.

With Paul captured the platoon and Chloe break into the base and they fight through many mutant people and soldiers to try and destroy the base and save Paul. They succeed when Corporal Ford gives his life to explode a mutant Wafner with himself. He destroys the base and helps the rest of the platoon escape safely from the mutants and soldiers.

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