On Restaurant Reviews by Gavin Watford

Restaurant Reviews are good to have. When restaurant reviews were invented they became a big part of the food business. 

The reason they became very popular is that they can impact the business badly. If you have a bad review then people probably don’t want to go to your restaurant. 

Sometimes people can lie about the review or have one bad experience and that can drop your rating. Those are the reasons why some people don’t like ratings from random people. 

Most of the time you have nice people who give great reviews that help to boost your ratings. Then that helps to bring in business. 

There are many different review websites and apps that you can use. Some examples are Yelp, Google reviews, and etc. 

An abundant amount of business would appreciate it if you went and gave a review to their restaurant.  Make sure that you review the food, service, and overall atmosphere. 

That is how you get a real true review if you do all of these things. It lets the reader get a true feel for the restaurant.

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