Should Students Have To Take Standardized Tests To Determine Their Worth To Colleges?

By Clayton Hall

Seniors all over the country worry, “Will this test score get me into my dream school?”. The stress these students feel is undoubtedly a burden on their young lives. Standardized tests are useful for determining a students knowledge and growth during school but are they that accurate?

Many people argue that a test isn’t capable of determining someones worth to a school. The test determines people’s future with just a few hours of worth. Most students would prefer the tests to not be worth as much and for colleges to take other things into consideration. Colleges are extremely tight with the scores that they pick which makes it very difficult to get into some schools.

Students could have alternate ways other than tests. These could include grades for the year or semester, activities participated in at the school, job experience, or references from teachers at the school. Either way students could have much less stress on their backs if colleges considered this idea.

Another way to remove some seniors stress is by improving the experience of the test. Students should get more resources or more study materials before the test. This could raise the scores of many students across the board and also make students less worried about their future.

Colleges could also lower the test scores required to be admitted. The scores are on the high end of the scale and lowering them would help students who are smart enough to get into the school but they made mistakes or couldn’t finish in time. Students could have also had a bad day when they took the test or have the chance to at least take it again.

None of this means that high school students aren’t tested for necessary things that come when you go to college, including exams and the daily stress of writing papers. If you don’t know how students will react to your courses then you don’t know if they are a good fit overall for your school.

Overall standardized tests have many pros and cons but in my opinion the cons outweigh the pros. Tests cause too much stress and harm to students. If tests counted much less they would be much better for students morale and colleges would see what students are like under less stress rather than more.

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