Summer Activities in Hartsville by Coker Howle

Hartsville may seem like just an ordinary small town but there actually is a lot to do.  Firstly the main attraction is Prestwood Lake.  You can do many activities such as swimming, fishing, tubing, and much more.  In Prestwood you can go up Black Creek on a boat or kayak and go to places to swim. 

Also you can go kayaking on Prestwood or in Black Creek.  There is many places to launch a boat or to put a kayak in the water.  Once you have on of these in the water you can go fishing.

Fishing in Prestwood isn’t the best from my experience. I’ve caught only a few bass from Prestwood.  There are many fish in Prestwood such as Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Jack Fish, and Bluegill.

Also in Hartsville there are many restaurants to eat at.  Some popular spots are the Sonic tons of kids go to Sonic to hangout.  Also the new Brewery is very popular.  There is many more popular food options in Hartsville.

Another option for things to do in the summer in Hartsville is go on a walk in nature.  At such places like Kalmia Gardens.  Here you can walk around in nature and just sit and enjoy nature.

Also in Hartsville you can visit the country club.  Here you can do many things such as golf, play tennis, or swim. The  golf course is very nice and well kept.  The pool and tennis courts are also very nice.

You can also visit Hartsville’s water park Neptune Island.  Here you can do many things.  This is a good place to cool off in the summer with swimming or eat.  Neptune Island is also located in Bylery Park where you can visit to play football, baseball, soccer and many other things.

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