The Stock Market by John Alexander

   The stock market is a very risky way to invest your money. It fluctuates a lot over time, you can gain or lose your money very quickly. To invest in the stock market it really helps to learn about what you’re getting into before you buy some.

    Personally my family was skeptical about buying some shares at first. After my sister bought some my mom was tempted to do it. Surprisingly our portfolio is looking pretty good.

    There are two main types of shares in stocks. First, there are cryptocurrencies. These are coins with value basically, kinda like money, but more digital. Second there are your basic shares, these are shares of a company that if you buy you will own a percentage of a company.

    Next we will talk about when to buy. The best time to buy a stock is obviously when it is cheapest, as there will be a bigger profit margin when it rises. Although, you will need a reason to think this stock will rise over time.

    My family has bought dogecoin. Right now we have about $100 put into this cryptocurrency. With $100 dollars put in we have about $300 dollars in profit.

    Always buy low and sell high. If you buy high then you’re putting yourself at a higher risk at not making profit. Also never panic sell when something drops, most of the time it will rise again.

    All in all, stocks are a good but risky way to make money. They can make you extremely rich or homeless. Just be smart with what you do.

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