Chocolate by Bonnie Adams

Chocolate is a sweet and delicious food that comes from cocoa beans. Chocolate is a favorite food for many people and is a very common desert. From cake to pudding chocolate can come in any form and still taste delicious. 

The most simple way to eat chocolate would be plain chocolate itself. There are many different brands of chocolate like giradheldi and heresy. There are also more than one type of plain chocolate. There can be milk, dark, white, and plenty of others. 

Another common way to eat chocolate would be in a cake. You could have marble cake if chocolate is too strong of a flavor for you. If you love the chocolate flavor you could have chocolate cake and add chocolate icing. 

One of my favorite ways to eat chocolate would be chocolate pudding. I prefer dark chocolate pudding over milk chocolate pudding. It always tastes delicious and I was even able to eat it after my wisdom teeth removal. 

Another good way to eat chocolate is ice cream! Ben and Jerry’s always tastes delicious. They have plenty of countless combinations of flavors that include chocolate. My personal favorite is The Tonight Dough but I highly recommend phish food as well. 

Another great way to eat chocolate is chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries. The pretzel is a great way to have a salty savory chocolate treat. A strawberry adds a great sweet twist to plain fruit. 

There are plenty of ways to eat chocolate. The way I listed are the easiest desserts to buy and or make.

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