My Sophomore Year by Chandler Greene

My sophomore year has been amazing, I have learned so many things, met so many people, and made improvement on so many things. I have felt as this year has prepared me for so many things, and I have learned many things along the way. I am very thankful for this year.

I have gotten closer to Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Gedris, who has helped me with my classes more than anyone. Mrs. Gedris got me into journalism and Mr. Nelson got me into a yearbook and having these classes has taught me so much. I am going to have these classes again next year and I am definitely happy.

This second semester has been amazing because I only have 2 core classes, and I enjoy one of them. Do not tell Mrs. Steen. I have had lots of free time and I have decided to use it to get a job, workout, and improve my overall health.

Last year, I felt like a cub in a pack of lions, and that was scary. This year, I have gotten to know many people and I feel like I belong here. I look forward to going to school everyday. 

I just got done with soccer season, and I am starting to travel again with the same group of guys. I have gotten beyond close with them, and ew even hang out outside of soccer. I can call those guys my brothers.

I cannot even say I have lost any friends this year, which I am beyond thankful for. My bonds with my friends have gotten stronger than ever, and I consider them family. They will be my brothers for life.

I am looking forward to junior year, and I hope it can top this year. I am loving life right now, and I am looking forward to it everyday. School has been amazing so far, and it is not even over yet.

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