The Science of Fitness by Grayson Wint

In fitness, consistency is key. When you are on track and stay there, it will be easier to reach your goals. Of course, you need dedication and grit. Your determination and will to reach your goals will determine the outcome. Whatever your goal is, remember it will take time.

 If you are brutally strict on your diet and exercise, it will not sustain long term. You need to enjoy what you are doing to reach your goals. Take this into consideration when you begin your fitness journey. Studies have shown that people who have planned cheat meals tend to do better over time in a diet.

Also, it is good to reward yourself after a week of dieting. The cheat meal is also imperative to improving your metabolism. After being in a caloric deficit for some time, your body will adapt and you will reach fat loss plateaus. To prevent this, you must break the plateau by boosting your metabolism again. This can be done by decreasing even more calories, doing more exercise, or switching up your weekly caloric intake plans.

While this is good to lose weight, it is not good for muscle growth if done incorrectly. If muscle growth is your goal, you must incorporate protein into your diet. It is said that the average lifter needs 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight or .5 to .8 grams per pound. Incorporating this into your diet will help develop and preserve muscle mass.

Based on science, a three day split is optimum to gain muscle mass. It consists of training chest and triceps one day, back and bicep the next, then finishing with shoulders and legs. When weightlifting, things to focus on are time under tension and muscle to mind connection. This ensures that you are training the appropriate muscle and it gets enough work. 

Reps and sets vary depending on your goals. If you are strength training, you will do less reps. If you are training for muscle growth, medium reps such as 8-12 target this. For muscular endurance, sets that have more than 12 reps are great. However you train, just remember that being there is an amazing start. A motivating piece of advice is that the only bad workout is the one that did not happen. This means that as you lift and exercise, it is better to have a bad workout than none at all.

Finally, find a good balance between your diet and exercising routine. Your nutritional plan must match your goals and help sustain the activities you participate in. You must fuel yourself and eat to grow and gain muscle mass. Just remember, moderation and healthier foods are your key to success. No matter what path you go down on your fitness journey, just remember that it takes time. Therefore, enjoy the ride and do not lose sight of your goals.

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