Urban vs Rural: Which is your preferred environment for raising a kid? by Clayton Hall

The environment you grow up in has a huge impact on who you become. Some environments could be better than others. For example a small town versus a big city or a coastal town vs a mountain town. 

The main positive for being raised in a city is resources. In a larger city resources like medical facilities, babysitting services and better sports and school systems, are very helpful for raising kids. Cities also have better access to food and supplies for raising your child.

Rural areas or farms, have better access to healthy foods, fresher air and more one on one learning in schools. People who live on farms are also usually healthier due to the lower population. They also get to be taught with a smaller group of students in school, which leads to more one on one learning.

City kids also don’t get the same useful skills that you may learn while working on a farm or on a ranch or farm with your parents. Those experiences can teach you about hard work and perseverance. Kids that come from rural towns usually experience more freedom from their parents and that’s a very useful skill in the real world.

Rural areas usually don’t have many hospitals or medical facilities which can be dangerous when a child can’t make it in time. This also could lead to kids getting examined less which could let sickness and disease slip by that wouldn’t in the city.

Most kids would enjoy rural towns more than a city, because they have the room to explore and play whatever they want. In a city you may be cramped in a small apartment or a small house with a little yard.

Overall not only would I want to be a kid living in a rural city or on a farm, I would want my kids raised there. I could definitely overcome the cons of raising them there like, less medical access, by living in a rural area near a city.

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