What is the best movie of all time? by Coker Howle

Some people argue that the Godfather or Titanic are the best movies of all time.  In my opinion it is Forrest Gump.  It overall feels like a better movie than the Godfather or Titanic.

Forrest Gump involves emotion and humor.  It is based on the book by Winston Groom.  It follows Forrest Gump of course throughout his life and big events in his life.

Forrest Gump the movie and book are very different and similar like many movies.  Some similarities are like when he goes to war in Vietnam.  Although in the book Bubba does not exist. Also in the book many things happen like Forrest is a wrestler and an astronaut.

Although Forrest Gump is a very sad movie the emotion it evokes is good.  Many horrible things happen to Forrest in his life.  Like in the movie which more people have seen.  Bubba dies his best friend, and his mom dies as his only parent in his life.

Forrest also has many good things happen in his life.  Like he plays football at Alabama.  He wins the Medal of Honor for saving his platoon in Vietnam.  He also becomes a billionaire after investing in Apple when it was small and starts Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Forrest also becomes a national celebrity after running across the country.  He does not do this in the book.  This makes him famous after he comes home from Vietnam and is a shrimp billionaire and has nothing to do.  Forest also becomes a national hero in sports after going to China and playing on the US Olympic team for ping pong.

After all this Forrest marries his childhood friend Jenny.  Jenny did not love him the majority of her life even though Forrest did.  Forrest has a son named Forrest Jr which he does everything with.  He does a lot of stuff with him because Jenny dies and he is left alone with just his son.  This is where the movie ends but another book came out.  Called Gump and Co.  This book pretty much redoes Forrest life.

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