Best Memory of the Year by Diamond Dolford

his year has been super different and many adjustments have had to be made. With all this stuff going on, the best thing that happened has had to be my spring break vacation. I went to Orlando, Florida and stayed the whole week. It allowed me to relive a lot of negative emotions as well as make new memories with my family. On our trip, we went to Busch Gardens and Kennedy Space Center.

         Both were at least an hour away from our hotel. We went to Busch Gardens on a Tuesday and it’s in Tampa. We went to the Kennedy Space Center on Thursday and it’s in Merritt Island. While at Busch Gardens we went on this train that took us around the park. It included passing through the safari but unfortunately most of the animals were under the shade of trees far away from the tracks. Not to mention, the line to get in was down the road and I had to run all the way back to the car to get my Papa’s mask. Highlight of the trip lol.

  While at the Kennedy Space Center, we first went on an indoor tour that featured presentations and an IMax simulation of a space launch. Once that was over, we walked over to Apollon and waited in line for about 20 minutes to go on a tour. It was totally worth the wait; I’d have to say that was the best part of the trip. After all the tours were over, we went to the food court and got some space ice cream, it was pretty cool. My mom got cinnamon donuts but ate almost all of them. 🙂  After that, we went back to Orlando and ate at this restaurant called Twin Peaks, something similar to Hooters but with a country/southern twist. That food was sooooo good!

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