My Favorite Cafeteria Meals by Bonnie Adams

The best cafeteria meal is the power pack meal. The power pack includes a grape jelly uncrustable, carrots, and string cheese. This pre-packaged meal is very filling and always delicious. 

Another good school meal would be pizza. Pizza can come in the flavors taco, pepperoni, or plain cheese. All taste delicious and hit the spot when wanting a good comfort meal. 

Some really good sides that come with the school meals are any form of potatoes. Waffle fries, crinkle cut fries, sweet potato fries, tater tots, and so many more. The potato sides always taste good and come with good sauces to dip in.

A great meal to have when wanting something good and warm is the chicken nuggets. The chicken nuggets always taste good and are served with a multitude of different dipping sauces. The best part about the chicken nuggets is that if the school cafeteira is not offering them that day, the school store will always be selling them. 

A healthier option to eat everyday could be a salad. A variety of salads rotate in and out of the cafeteira and at least one can be offered every day. This salad coomes pre-packaged and is really nice when you are not looking for any heavy food.

Another good meal would be chinese chicken. These chicken nuggets come covered in sauce that makes them very delicious. They also are served with the perfect pairing of broccoli. 

There are many more meals that are offered to give students a delicious variety of lunch meals. There is also milk and juice offered every day to go along with the meals. With such a multitude of lunch options it is almost impossible to find something not to like.

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