My Favorite Teacher by Ethan Jeppson

My favorite teacher is Mrs Gedris. She is my favorite teacher for many reasons that I am going to talk about. She is simply a wonderful person. 

She is a wonderful person because she cares about her students. She always makes sure to tell us to have a great weekend. And she makes us laugh.

She is also a great teacher because she got me out of trouble. She went out of her way to stand up for her students. She could have looked the other way but she didn’t. 

She also gives us tons of time to do our work. While giving us little work to do! She also doesn’t mind if it’s late or not and won’t grade too harshly. 

Most teachers now won’t think twice about giving us a bad grade or if it’s late giving us a zero. However, Mrs Gedris will email us to see how we are doing or if we need help. 

She is also someone who you can talk to about things that will happen around school and will give you feedback rather than other teachers who don’t say a word. She’ll laugh around and we will have a good time. 

This is why she is my favorite teacher. I look forward to next year.

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