The History of Audi by Gavin Watford

Audi is a German car company that is known for their luxury, and reliable cars. When Audi started they weren’t named Audi. 

In the beginning a man named August Horch started making two and four cylinder engines for vehicles. He later made a company called August Horch & Cie. Soon after making the company’s board of directors, August had a difference of opinions so he left. 

When August wanted to make another car company, the name Horch was taken so he had to think. So he took his family’s name and translated it into latin which was “Audi” in 1910. After he entered the market he became a noticeable person in the market. 

Well during the recession over in Germany. It caused many businesses to close entirely. August didn’t want that so Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer all combined together to survive and they came up with a new logo. 

The new logo they designed was four rings. The four rings represented each company that combined together. After they combined it also became the Auto union. 

They became really popular during the war because they were very famous for making two, and four stroke engines for their war vehicles. This rocketected the  auto union car company to the top of the list. 

Later on after the war everyone wanted a part of the auto union. So each part of the company started selling their own version of their cars. After that they changed the auto union to the Volkswagen group and that is its current name to this day. 


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