The Voice by Emily Morrison

The Voice is a singing competition that is aired on the NBC channel. You can also watch The Voice if you have a Hulu, Youtube TV, or Peacock TV subscription. 

On The Voice, there are four judges that determine the contestants fate on the show. The current judges are country singer Blake Shelton, pop singer Nick Jonas, R&B/ soul singer John Legend, and pop/country singer Kelly Clarkson. 

These judges determine which contestants they want on their teams by turning their chairs while the singer is performing. This is the first round which is called the Blind Auditions. If two or more judges turn around while the singer is performing, then the singer has the opportunity to choose which coach they would benefit the most from. 

Once the judges fill their teams they begin to coach their performers. In the second round, the freshly chosen singers go through what is called the Battle rounds. 

In this round, the judges will choose two contestants on their team to go up against each other in a singing battle. They pair up everything contestant on their team so that each singer has the opportunity to battle someone. The contestants will sing a duet together and after their performance their coach will determine who will be staying on their team and who will be leaving. 

The next round the singers advance to is called the Knockouts. During this round the singers have another opportunity to showcase their talent by singing a solo with a song of their choice. Although they are still battling another person on their team, they are able to pick a song that would better suit them and their voice. 

The final rounds are called the Live Playoffs and the Live performance shows. These rounds allow the audience to have the opportunity to participate in the elimination process. After watching the remaining singers perform, the audience is allowed to vote on which contestants they believe have done the best. 

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