Why Season 2 of “The Mick” is the funniest season of Comedy by Mac Liddle

The Mick is a comedy series found on Hulu which consists of family members trying to adapt to a new life in a mansion. Season 1 involves Mickey, the main character, having to take care of Sabrina, Chip, and Ben. Who are spoiled kids who try to take advantage of Mick at any chance.

While season 1 had many numerous funny episodes with crazy things happening in every single one. Season 2 brought more comedy and suspense to the whole show. Throughout the whole season made up of 12 episodes the audience is aware that Sabrina is almost a high school graduate and is planning to attend Yale University after High School.

With this big event there are many preparations needed to be made such as her interview, graduation parties, and “Pemberton Legacy” (Pemberton is her last name). There are also many more things that happen for her to prepare for college and they each help to create good stories for episodes. Although this still isn’t the only main topic in season 2.

The Pemberton children’s parents are also a main topic throughout the season. Chris and Pamela were two rich millionaires who were accused of tax fraud in the beginning of season 1. They were arrested and in an effort to escape the law they fled the country. Although towards the end of season 1 they made an attempt to go back to their mansion to collect money to try and survive but the FBI found them and they were detained.

Throughout season 2 Pamela and Chris announce they are divorcing and break serious news to Chip, the middle child. They say that Chris is not really his father and that a man named Howards Buckley is. Chip is instantly mortified and it takes a while for him to accept it and try to meet Howard. 

Howard and Chip go out on a camping trip together to try and get to know each other more. Chip, knowing little to nothing about the outdoors and the wilderness, accidentally pulls a canoe off a rack making it crush Howards leg in the ground. Chip makes a long expedition to try and take Howard into the hospital, he succeeds but finds out horrible news.

Howard the morning before the trip got a DNA test to find out how related Chip and him were. However he realized he actually isn’t Chip’s father and another man is. This is again something hard for Chip to process and it creates for another hilarious main topic in season 2.

The Mick began as a very funny show introducing many great and funny characters. The first season set the show up and made the audience get used to and understand everyone. Once season 2 was made I understood the show more and it created it to be an even better and laughable season.

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