Orlando, Florida by Gavin Watford

A place I love to visit would be Orlando, Florida. Orlando is a really vibrant place to visit for the first time. It is also a great place to visit again too. 

Orlando is a place of many different opportunities. You can visit Disney World Resorts or universal Studios. 

Orlando is a very bright and inspiring place to go to. The weather is marvelous and they have very few cold days. The only bad thing about it is that Florida is a very humid place. 

If you visit Disney World Resorts there are an abundance of things to do there. From roller coaster rides to 5D movie theaters. Also they have a variety of places to eat from in the parks to make you feel a part of the family. 

Orlando is kinda in the middle of the state so you have an equal amount of distance between each direction. Another plus is that Orlando is almost close to Tampa Bay and Daytona Beach. 

Orlando gives you a good amount of places to sleep and eat from. A really famous place to eat at is the Chocolate Emporium located in Universal Studios. 

You should go to Orlando and give it a try. It won’t disappoint you in any way. If it does then you’re always equidistant from other beaches in Florida to go to. 

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