How I Would Survive In The Wilderness by Mac Liddle

As I am stranded in the wilderness from falling down a ravine and losing all my gear except my knife. I am going to have to find a way to survive in the harsh environment. There will be many obstacles in the wilderness as I navigate myself to civilization like how I will satisfy my hunger, keep body warmth, and defend myself from dangerous animals.

It will probably be a struggle to find out where I am and how I’m going to find civilization. So I will probably have to just keep myself mobile and hope I get lucky. Creating a fire to keep myself warm will probably also be a very important task. I will also use the fire to boil water to drink and cook food I find. 

The food I find will probably be nuts and berries from trees but hunting meat from animals will probably be a harder task. I’ll use my knife to kill and cut hide off of animals I end up catching easily. Also I could carve a long and strong stick to use as a javelin and try to pierce an animal that is far away.

Now while this method may be difficult it could help me to catch a large animal which I could use for many things. For example, a deer, this animal could provide many uses for me to survive. Its meat could just be for me to eat, its hide could be used for clothing and warmth, and the bones could be used for more weapons.

The water I find in the wilderness will be from a body of water like a pond. If I find clay near that pond I will use it to hold the water and to act as a pot when I boil the water to be cleaned. Good hydration is a vital thing and in the wilderness it will help me to survive for longer.

If the climate of the wilderness is cold it will be a little more difficult to survive. Hypothermia could happen easily if your body temperature drops a few degrees, and this could cause you to hallucinate and eventually die. I could try to avoid this by eating, staying near a fire, and stay layered up by something like an animal hide.

Surviving in the wilderness is a tough task when your supplies are limited and you don’t know your location. Using your common sense and maintaining things like hydration, warmth, and hunger are your main objectives. With these tasks met you can keep pushing to search for civilization and escape the wilderness.

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