How I would Survive the Wilderness by Coker Howle

Firstly it would start by me going camping.  Something would go wrong and I would be in the middle of the wilderness with nothing but a knife.  I would have to find ways to survive now.

Since I have a knife then I would be decently ready for everything.  Firstly I would start a fire to keep me warm and to cook food.  All I would need is a piece of flint which you could find in the wilderness.  Then I could use the knife to make this fire.

Then I would need to build a shelter.  I would need to get big sticks and leaves.  So I could make a kinda hut on a tree.  I could make this hut out of wood and then surround it with leaves and pine straw.  This would keep me warm I also could make a pine straw bed to sleep on.

Then I would need to get food and freshwater before I sleep.  Water is the most important right now because I can only go 3 days without it.  I would try to find a stream or a little pond.  A stream would be the best because fish would be flowing down and it would be fresh stream water.  I would make a spear using my knife and catch a fish and find something to transport some water.  Hopefully my shelter would be nearby.

Then when night came I would try to sleep. I would also try and stay alert because of predators.  If a predator comes near I would try to get a fire going that would hopefully disway it.  If all else fails I could fight it if it isn’t too big and hopefully I would win and get a bunch of meat and hide.

When the morning came I would firstly get to work on making a canteen.  So I could transport water to and from my shelter.  I would also try to make a better bed because pine straw would not be the best.  I would also try to make a blanket of some sorts.

Then I would pack up everything I had and try and hike away.  I would try and hike out of the mountains if thats where I am.  I would try to find some sort of life and then escape back to the real world.

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