How to survive in the wilderness by John Alexander

   Surviving in the wilderness can be very challenging, not only to survive but also to not get sick or something that will stick with you for the rest of your life like a disease that has a negative impact. 

     First off, you’re going to need shelter. You can make a little shelter out of leaves and sticks. Or you could reinforce something a little more sturdy depending on your environment.

      Second, a fire, definitely very important, not only to keep warm, but to cook your food or boil your water. To make a fire you will need a little bit of wood and small sticks that are dry and easy to burn. If you have a lighter that’s best, but if not you can get a thicker stick, split it in half then get another stick and spin it into the thick stick as fast as you can.

     Third, you will need water to drink. This can most of the time easily be found by a nearby pond or lake. You will want to boil it to prevent catching a sickness.

      Fourth,  you will need food. This is also very important as simply, if you don’t have food you’ll die. Food like berries, fish, deer, or any wild animal will do. Just make sure to thoroughly cook it on a fire.

      Fifth, you will need to make a weapon of some sort. One thing you could make is a spear. It should be simple, as all you need is a long stick and something to shave the tip until it becomes pointy.

      Sixth, last but not least, don’t forget to remain calm, as panic will do nothing but cause you to make poor decisions and make you stressed out. Remain calm and get all the resources you need to stay alive long enough to get help.

      All in all, Just remain calm and do what your instincts tell you. If you are hungry get food, if you need water go boil some water. Be sure to find help after a while.

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