How to Survive in the Wilderness by Chandler Greene

Considering this topic does not be specific in how you got into the wilderness in the first place, I will create my own scenario, so this is what happened. Impulsively, I went on a hike with four of my friends in the Amazon after they begged me to go. I am not a very experienced hiker, so I made sure to watch plenty of Bear Grylls and YouTube videos. On our first day out there, my friend dropped most of our food in the river on accident and it went all to waste, I made sure to keep my food with myself from then on. On our second day, things got a whole lot worse… we were walking along the river, when a puma spotted us and started chasing us, we all went in different directions, and I ended up running for what seemed like an hour until I knew I was safe. I spent the rest of the day searching for my friends but could not find them, I knew after a while I would have to make the hike by myself, I still had my compass, and some food and supplies with me. This is how I would survive.

I hiked as far as I could until it was dark out, and I set up camp for the night. I was extremely hungry, but I knew I would have to ration considering I had a long hike ahead of me. I ended up setting camp by a tree using my tarp and sleeping bag. I woke up bright and early, and I could tell I was extremely dehydrated. I would not see another river for another mile or two, and I was not about to wait that long. I looked around and realized there was all sorts of condensation on the leaves on the trees, so I took the leaves and emptied the water into my jug, it worked.

I hiked until I reached the river, and decided I would be done for the day. I made sure to fill up all of my jugs with water so I would be prepared. I noticed that the skys were getting very cloudy and dark, so I knew a rain was coming, I set up camp quickly and got all my supplies under my tarp, and even put some wood under there in case I would set up a fire in the morning. I did not get any sleep that night.

I woke up after a short hour of sleep, and my stomach was rumbling. I set up a fire by using my flint and steel and made sure to keep it going with plenty of the wood I put under my tarp the night before. I cooked up some canned beans and was feeling energized. I looked at my map and realized I only had to go five more miles, that felt great so I cleaned up and set on forward.

After about two miles, I was still feeling great and then something happened… I tripped over a log and messed my ankle up. I could not walk very well at all, and that was not going to cut it. I got two sticks and used them as crutches, I was going slower now, but it would work. Not long after this, I realized I needed to stop for the day. I was too tired to set up my tarp, so I just put my sleeping bag on the ground. I fell asleep fast and woke up to a Boa Constrictor right next to me! I got up fast and it bit my leg! I knew these things weren’t venomous, so I walked around until the pain wore off. I gathered all my things and started hiking. 

I had 2.5 miles left, and I planned on finishing it today. I ate plenty of food, and drank plenty of water so I’d be energized for the hike ahead. After about a mile, It started raining out of nowhere. My stuff was getting soaked as I searched for shelter to keep dry. After a minute or two, I found a tree with good covering to wait out the rain. While I waited, I checked my bag and saw that most of my food was to wet to even eat, I threw it out and I now knew I had to make this hike today or I would starve. 

When the rain stopped, I started hiking and after a while I saw it, the town we were hiking to. I sprinted to it and was met with my friends! They had all found each other and got to the city two hours before me. We all celebrated with food and drinks. This is how I survived the Amazon.

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