How I Would Survive in the Wilderness by Ethan Jeppson

My article this week will be on how I would survive in the wilderness. First I would pick the perfect place to survive. This would depend on my surroundings but I would want to pick high ground. 

If it would be a beach I would pick a spot close to the bank where I would be able to fish and enjoy the sea while being protected by the brush. If i was in the forest i would pick a spot that was high in vegetation so i would be able to eat. 

After I have my place I would work on building my house. I would cut down trees and start making a log cabin style. It would have a fireplace and it would be dope. \

I would then begin by making a hammock. I would need it to burn time. I would also spend my time fishing and hiking. 

Once i have everything that i need to survive i would spend my time adventuring. I would take pictures and become a nat geo photographer. 

I would survive by eating from the wilderness including fish and berries and things I find along the coast. This would be calming and enjoyable. It would also be a fun life to live. 

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