Weird Things That Are Frowned Upon by Grayson Wint

In today’s society we really do not know what is or is not normal. One person’s normal can be perceived as another person’s unusual behavior. Here are some examples of normal things that come off as weird or unusual to others.

First, I would like to cover the whole milk vs. cereal debacle. CEREAL should be poured first, proceeded by the milk. Milk being poured first can be seen as frowned upon or weird. Although, this is completely normal and fine to do.

Next, I would like to talk about people who bite into their ice cream. Do you enjoy murdering your teeth with the cold ice cream pressing against it and your gums? I genuinely do not see how this is enjoyable, and for that reason, this is frowned upon by me.

Then, I would like to shift the focus to video games. Say you are playing Mario Kart, and you go to pick out of all the cool characters. If you somehow find it fun or original to pick Mario himself at his own game, let me tell you, it really is not. Picking Mario is one of the most basic, stale choices you could make.

After this, I just have to tell you about the people who drink water, juice, or soda after brushing their teeth or chewing gum. It is like a blizzard flowing down your throat and is an absolutely terrible sensation. I would like to pray for anyone who does this for pleasure as it is nothing near that for me. If you enjoy a discerning taste in your mouth with a hint of pain, then by all means, try this.

Also, it is wise to include how I feel about people holding the door for me when I am a country mile away from the establishment. As the person is enduring this thoughtful, yet unnecessary action, I now feel obligated to speed myself up to save myself and the other person from extreme awkwardness. They are standing there, letting all the cold air out, and making awkward eye contact with me as I am approaching the door. I get it, you are trying to be nice, but please don’t be that person.

These are just a few things that will make my insides shiver and give you the cold shoulder. Even though these actions can be seen as normal or regular, I see them as extremely discerning actions. With this being said, If you do some of these things previously covered in the text or anything along those lines, please keep your distance from me!

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