My Top 10 Favorite Movies

By Lakyn Wilkerson Clueless- This is my all time favorite movie because it’s lighthearted, funny.  Also 19’s movies are the best.  The Notebook- This movie makes me cry everytime and I love Ryan Gosling. Also Nicholas Sparks movies are the best.  High School Musical- This movie reminds me of my childhood.  Holes- This movie is funny, sad, and happy all at the same time.  Happy … Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Movies

Top 10 Things to do at School

By Diamond Dolford Walking Around Campus– I often find myself wanting to run errands for teachers or find a way to get out of class. Even though walking makes me tired, it’s better than sitting in class for a hour and a half. Hanging Out with Mrs.Zemp– Hands down one of the coolest teachers. She gets along with everyone and she brings her students food. … Continue reading Top 10 Things to do at School

Felt This Way – Suriel Hess

By Nathan Tolson “Felt This Way” was released on December 11, 2020 by Suriel Hess, an up and coming musician with around 470k on YouTube. Suriel is my favorite musician out there right now for his upbeat and sometimes gloomy pop songs. Felt This Way is my favorite song because it’s upbeat and fun to jam to. It always makes me feel better on a … Continue reading Felt This Way – Suriel Hess