Favorite Christmas Movies

By: Sierra Gainey Christmas is right around the corner! When you think of Christmas, do you think of Christmas movies? I do, for me nothing is better than drinking hot chocolate and binge watching Christmas movies during the holidays. What are the HHS students’ favorite Christmas movies to watch? I interviewed three students that attend Hartsville High School. Taylor Beck, Abby Jackson, and Jacob Pulling, … Continue reading Favorite Christmas Movies

Thanksgiving Traditions

By: Sierra Gainey Thanksgiving is always a great time to bring the family together. There are many different traditions, from eating dinner together to going on road trips. What are some of the HHS students’ Thanksgiving traditions? Sophomore, Gavin Wilks, has a very family oriented Thanksgiving Tradition. He and his family have a big feast and afterwards have a bonfire. At the bonfire they take … Continue reading Thanksgiving Traditions

Group 4 Project at Kalmia Gardens

By Sidney Easters The IB Biology and IB Chemistry classes participated in the Group 4 project at Kalmia Gardens. The Group 4 Project consisted of “science in a box.” IB biologists and chemists were assigned random groups and boxes filled with various instruments to perform tests within the environment. The groups were assigned to aquatic or woodsy locations of Kalmia. The Chemists and Biologists tested … Continue reading Group 4 Project at Kalmia Gardens